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And Politico reports a spat between the governor and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner might have sparked the sudden switch.

A spokesperson for the Trump team suggested Trump's seriousness about "changing Washington" might "ruffle the delicate sensitivities" of some seasoned politicians.

NEVER as stated above try not to think them, this means you are running away from them and this means you are giving them loads of respect.

As silly and as odd, scary as they are just let them have thier space, who cares they are only thoughts.

Once source told the outlet, "Everyone has the knives out for each other." But it's more than just Kushner and Christie not getting along.

The team has had some friction for much of the campaign.

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They wont go overnight, in my case they came less often and with less force.

I had a great insight into this when I used to go for a long 1 hour run.

If you do pay them loads of respect, investigate them, worry or obsees then this tires the mind furthur and it loses some of its resilience and thought seem to stick or race. We may have thought this way for a long while that it seems to have become a habit.

But like all habits they can be reversed and they way to reverse them is not to be scared of them, what better way than allow them as much space and freedom to be there.

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