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On arrival, I hadn’t much idea of what is happening in Kosovo – all I knew is that for a country of only 1.6 million people, an enormous number left it in search of employment abroad in 20 – far more from here than any other European country.I also know that Kosovo has the youngest president in Europe, an ex-policewoman called Atifete Jahjaga, aged 38, and that she is doing a great deal for rape victims who have not been allowed to speak out since the end of the war – Albanian custom means that rape is seen as shaming to the husband, to the family, to the community.The President has done a great deal to change this.In the first play, Hanna tells Hannah how she was raped by a group of Serbian soldiers.To this day, Kosovans love and respect Britain and the USA for their part in the country’s liberation.There is a boulevard named after Tony Blair and, nearby, a huge statue of Bill Clinton.

Children crawl through the streets in rags, beggars sit resigned to their fate and in the market lean peasants perch on crates to sell handfuls of spring onions.The standing joke among Albanians (85% of the population) is that the one thing that these buildings have in common is lack of what they’re supposed to have: the banks have no money, the library has no books and the hotel rarely puts up any guests.Stroll around the old town and you’ll immediately see why people are bitter. The 45 minute ride to Hotel Parlament in the centre of Pristina costs only 13 euros.The hotel is clean and simple and 100 yards from the parliament building.

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During this time, a large number of Kosovan teenagers were sent to the UK or USA to work, safe from the extreme discrimination/apartheid that was now rife at home.

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