Vanilla ice dating 2016

I never wore VF in the 90s, mostly because I was a child who didn't wear perfume..I do love the "retro" vibe I get when I wear this.

I also get a fairly powerful jasmine, almost indolic and not at all what I was expecting. I was hoping Vanilla Fields would be sweeter, which is why I put it as a "like" rather than a "love", but it does have good sillage and longevity and is much more interesting than I remembered!

However, I just received a gift set of two cologne spray bottles, for Christmas, and have changed my opinion.

Vanilla Fields is not a particularly sweet perfume.

I could actually smell the vanilla when she wore it and I stood near her. I would love to have a warm vanilla scent that works on me.

My chemistry doesn't seem to warm scents up enough to get the right notes I want to come out. Quite possibly the dawn of the vanilla explosion that we've witnessed over the past, two decades to the point where everything seems to have a little of the vanilla stuff in its base.

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