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* * * y grandmother, a recent widow and a newly employed nurse, brought her children to Birmingham in the late 1940s from Alabama’s Appalachian foothills.Granny was excited to find a place to live near her job at Hillman Hospital downtown, in the city’s first housing project for whites.His wife, my Aunt Nell, was sequestered for a jury. My cousin Tracy, 14, and I pestered her dad with questions. Could he drive by Penny Pet Food billboard, so we could watch the dog’s tongue loll and its tail wag? The explosion’s force blew off their frilly Sunday dresses and sent concrete fragments flying through their skulls.

The FBI had been monitoring Chambliss and his KKK cronies through an informant, Gary Thomas Rowe.

The 18-year-old's body was recovered from the water two hours after others who were at the park saw him jump in to the water.

They told authorities they'd seen him hit his head on rocks on the way down.

Perhaps to shield her girls, my grandmother said the rumbling came from “danny-mite,” as she pronounced it, in local coal and iron ore mines.

Down the road from what later became known as “Dynamite Hill,” my mother fought her own battle.

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