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The award recognises the importance of sustainability and care for the environment and has attracted nominations from many companies taking environmental initiatives right across the supply chain from manufacture to installation.Because high quality tiles are one of the hardest wearing and long-lasting surface finishes available, they are a very environmentally sustainable resource.

Kitchen floors that are tiled are hygienic and trouble free, and a hall or porch with a tiled floor won’t be damaged by dripping brollies, dribbling wellies and muddy dogs.Unglazed ceramic floor tiles are more suited to commercial and industrial settings, but can be used in laundries and utility rooms. Quarry tiles are a traditional product made in the UK for hundreds of years.They are made from natural clay, squeezed through an extruding machine, and then fired.Some house insurers insist on replacing existing floor coverings with tile when compensating for flood damage.You can actually make your floor completely waterproof so the water doesn’t seep into cellars or foundations.

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The body of the tile is moulded into shape and then fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln.

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