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Lehariya appears to be a truly imperial one when it is created on a stylish white milieu.Altering fashion trends have compelled Lehariya artwork to become pioneering.Lehariya has become tremendously well-liked as part of high-end Asian fashion owing to its complicated work, stroke of tradition, and glamour touch.The longer this process takes, the more eye-catching your outfit is!It is a traditional tie and dies technique which resulting in distinctive wave-like patterns on the cloth.These sarees usually made off fabrics like chiffon, crepe, and georgette.

Traders in different lehariya-manufacturing centers of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur also form turbans in fascinating patterns and colors.Lehariya saree is basically originated from Rajasthan and it’s one of the most popular handicraft outfits there.It shows the culture of Rajasthan, and it is worn by Gujaratis also.A 2-step process, tie & dye involve tying the cloth and immersing it in your proffered colors, which results in ground-breaking artwork pattern called Lehariya.Some people understand that conventionally, lehariya has 5 colours, which is a symbol of the Rajasthani system of shades.

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A lehariya saree never goes out of fashion trend because it has ethnic charm and Bollywood celebrities also love to wear these sarees in the functions.

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