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Completed with black lace gloves, past the elbows, the finishing touch was a raven black wig cut in the style of a page boy.

He masterfully added small pert breast for a woman that cleavage isn’t an option, or choice to be made. Every great deceit needs a cover story, a story line which I’m a master of.

So arriving home, we grabbed a bottle of wine, ran a bubble bath for a soak.One day he just up, and said “I’m gay”, being naive, and very sheltered had an idea what it was, but not so sure.Being who I am, saying what I’m thinking, asked Daddy at breakfast.Having that little streak that runs up my spine, gives me the undeniable urge to aggravate. When showering with Eva have a tendency to caress my butt across his dick, just to piss him off, and then act innocent to deflate him.Soaking it the hot bubble bath, flush with wine mellowed out from the evening, our talk turns to bestiality.

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