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dating seiten kostenlos Hannover "For such a writer," he said, "there really exists a point of solidarity with the interests of the proletariat: it is the point at which he can develop his own means of production.

Kafka had one problem and one only, he says, and that was the problem of organization.

He was terrified by the thought of the empire of ants: the thought of men being alienated from themselves by the forms of their life in society.

I think too much about artistic problems, you know, about what is good for the theatre, to be completely in earnest.

Yesterday, after playing chess, Brecht said: "You know, when Korsch comes, we really ought to work out a new game with him.

Yesterday, a long conversation in Brecht’s sickroom about my essay "The Author as Producer." Brecht thought the theory I develop in the essay — that the attainment of technical progress in literature eventually changes the function of art forms (hence also of the intellectual means of production) and is therefore a criterion for judging the revolutionary function of literary works — applies to artists of only one type, the writers of the upper bourgeoisie, among whom he counts himself.

Yet his parables are not." All this leads, in short, to a differentiation between two literary types: the visionary artist, who is in earnest, and the cool-headed thinking man, who is not completely in earnest.

Brecht, in the course of yesterday’s conversations: "I often imagine being interrogated by a tribunal.'Now tell us, Mr Brecht, are you really in earnest?

' I would have to admit that no, I’m not completely in earnest.

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I should add that Brecht is convinced that Kafka would not have found his own special form without Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor or that other episode in .

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