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The objective of the research was to create small-scale CSP facilities of 1 MW or less to be used by small rural communities.

[Power Engineering International] ¶ The China National Renewable Energy Center advises the Chinese government to increase its 2020 solar target to 200 GW, up from its current 110 GW.

It is expected to provide enough energy for over 35,000 average households.

[The Courier Life News] ¶ Practically the entire island of Puerto Rico went dark again after a major power line repaired by Whitefish Energy failed.

[Clean Technica] ¶ A report by the International Energy Agency underscores the important implications of the recent rapid cost reductions in solar PVs and wind power.

One of the report’s main findings is that greening the industry may be achieved either directly from electricity or through the production of hydrogen-rich fuels and chemicals.

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[PV-Tech] ¶ As the world gathers in Bonn for COP23, a professor from The University of Manchester’s School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, outlined why he thinks offshore wind could be a boom industry for the UK.

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