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It’s as if this guy is carting around a cemetery of all the women he’s ever been involved with or who have expressed an interest in him. All of this carry-on is reassurance that they’re not shady and is about maintaining illusions.

“You’d want to watch yourself there with all of those exes.

You say you want to meet somebody and have a mutual relationship – why are you basing your life plans around how to keep your ex in your life or even how to keep them happy? The easiest way to ensure that you don’t end up in someone’s house of ex dolls collection is to ensure that self-esteem isn’t reliant on validation from ex partners or people who don’t reciprocate your interest.

It’s knowing that line between being friends and disrespecting yourself because you’re trying to have some crumbs rather than no crumbs and are taking what you see as their rejection of you and their inability to give you what you want personally.

Here’s the thing: Some people love collecting exes.

I don’t mean that they go out of their way to make partners into exes by botching up relationships (although I suspect some do sabotage to resist commitment and then console themselves that they’re Really Great People ™ and A Really Good Ex ™) but more that their ego needs almost constant supply from the pool of people who have tried to forge something with them in the past.

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Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. The men are introducing themselves to a woman named Sarah. Interview a teacher, friend, or other family member on the questions in the Post-Listening Exercise.

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  1. But if she accepts your heartfelt plea, you have just entered into a relationship and it’s time to get serious. You now have a girlfriend, a marker of status or normalcy or both. It’s now time to buy matching shoes, couple rings, exchange hourly texts, use a ‘selfie-stick’, go to parks, visit coffee shops, seek out pet cafés. Dates ☑ Of course, once you are ‘going steady’, the cinema is a must.