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It reminded me of another story from the blog of the Burj Khalifa woman, when she was expecting a package delivery and the package was returned to sender, because "there was no such address" according to the courier company.

The security guard on duty was pretty surprised when he saw a woman emerging from behind the security entrance, but was very kind and understanding when I explained what happened.

And because Dubai is still technically in Asia (go and check, if you don't believe me), I am dutifully blogging about it here now.

I booked both of these "attractions" using Get Your Guide (no, I am not going to link to it) and I can't NOT recommend it enough. Use them only if you have money to burn and need the convenience of booking everything all at once. The Burj Club is Dubai's most exclusive full service spa and health club, and I have been dreaming of going there for quite a while.

And when I realized that I could experience a world class beauty treatment at one of the most iconic locations on the planet for the same price as at my local Japanese shopping mall, you didn't have to ask me twice.

She kindly obliged leading me through staff-only passages and corridors saving me a looong walk and helping me be right on time for my next attraction. Overall, I found Dubai to be a lot less expensive than I expected.I was instructed to go to the "residence entrance" and proceed from there. When I finally remembered, I decided to run for a taxi, because I had no idea where the Burj Khalifa "residence entrance" was.It turned out that my fresh off the boat taxi driver had no idea either. He dropped me off at the back of the tower and I hiked along the service road in 45 degree heat (that's 113F for you, Americans).When I was planning my vacation and it turned out that my flights qualified for Dubai Connect, I jumped for joy and started to make a list of all the things I wanted to do during my 22 hours in the United Arab Emirates.Unfortunately, because my flight left Haneda late (yep, it was a typhoon night), we also landed late, and my carefully planned day went out the window.

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