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In most cases, it is not necessary to explicitly convert the values with type casting, because PHP will gracefully convert integers and floating point numbers automatically if a field value is used in a mathematical operation.Datetime controls in Dyna Forms treat dates as strings, so date values generally do not need to be converted either.returns a string with the current time in the format "hh:mm:ss" with leading zeros when the hours, minutes or seconds are less than 10.The hour is expressed in the 24 hour format (military time) and is a number between 00 and 23.Example 1: Route the current case onto the next task in the process and redirect the web browser back to Home If the trigger is set before the next step (or before assignment if the last step in the task), then it is not necessary to call PMFSend Variables() because the variables from the Dyna Form will have already been saved to the database.. Example 1: Create a new case in the current process, designating the current user to work on the new case.The starting task ID is hard coded in the trigger code and no case variables are set in the new case.and are designed to control Process Maker from inside a trigger.These functions are executed with the permissions of the currently logged-in user who is running the case.

Example Sending Variables to a Template: The following trigger code is used to send an email template named "Leave Request Template.html" to the user working on the current case.Set the values of case variables named "Model", "Price" and "Order Date" in the new case.sets the code and PIN for a case, which are used when an unregistered user logs into the Case Tracker to view the details of a particular case.This example also shows how to insert, update and delete records in the database: is used to look up the next available case to which the logged in user is assigned.If a case is found, then the web browser will automatically be redirected to that case with the G::header() function, otherwise the browser will be redirected to the Case List page.

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