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I walked up to the couch and slowly slid my hand into the back of his boxers. If I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn that I heard a moan come from Dab as I probed that ass.Dab’s tight hole twitched when my finger made contact with it. Soon, his ass began to get wet from me playing with it. I had always suspected that he got down, but this was proof of it. I slid Dab’s boxers down lower than they already were.

As the car pulled onto the road I looked at the driver in the mirror.

The fare here says you charge twenty dollars for an hour, what do you charge for half and hour?

” “Well, we really don’t have a rate outlined for that, but if you want to stop and have me wait I’d only charge you twelve dollars.” “Twelve isn’t bad,” I said. ” The wonderful thing about the internet is that it gives you an anonymous freedom to explore.

I’m not real good at conversation so besides a few remarks about where I was going and the weather, the ride was proceeding in silence.

Diverting my attention from the driver’s face, I noticed they had a number of postings on the car windows with the fares.

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